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Our Vision

In February 2013 JBOBJ (J. Business Object) was founded to create a new consulting company inspired by the ideals and actions of BusinessObjects Business Intelligence:


Creating a Fast, Trusted, Self-Service BI Competency Center.


BI Vision:

Information availability and consumption are in a constant state of evolution. The role that BI plays within an organization also evolves as the organization matures and adapts. Our BI vision will provide a long-term view that articulates YOUR COMPANY’s strategy to manage, deploy and govern information assets.



Provide a solution for YOUR COMPANY o create a best-of-class environment that enables the “one company one way” vision, is consistent with today’s leading warehouse and BI technologies and techniques, while complying with the established and future state standards of YOUR COMPANY.



Our Core Values











1. someone who lives with integrity, values quality, and whose curiosity leads them to explore the unknown


2. a consulting company that values these same traits in employees, partners and customers



1. a realization that there is no success without customer adoption and self sufficiency


2. a consulting firm that has chosen its partners, consultants and solution delivery approach based on this simple idea


1. all great solutions are multi-disciplinary and require a combination of the best available information, the best theory and beautiful design


2. an iterative team-based implementation approach that helps organizations make the most of their analytic capabilities: observe, predict, create








1.  a belief that the first phase of an analytics project should be delivered and adopted in less than 12 weeks


2.  a consulting company that structures all projects as quick wins that build organizational capacity and momentum, and maximize financial results


3.  projects which operate in Quick Sprints where teamwork between consultants and clients is key;  lessons learned from Sprint 1 are applied to Sprint 2



1. a belief that clarity is the antidote for inaction and that measurable results accelerate investment


2.  a consulting company with a set of offerings that provide rapid value, clear direction and remove barriers to action




Our Work |  See what’s possible

Case Study 1



A Financial Process Focused on Profitability


Challenge: Cumbersome and error-prone financial process spread over multiple spreadsheets. Low data integrity, lack of visibility, insufficient reporting capabilities. Difficulty with accurate budgeting, planning and consolidation. No time and powerful tools to focus on quality financial data analysis.


What you want: Robust, well-integrated budgeting, analysis and reporting platform, which is easy to use and familiar to your team. Sound grasp of customer and product profitability at all times to enable quick changes and timely but winning long-term decisions.


Solution: We assist you to select and implement one of several highly robust yet agile Excel-based solutions, which allow for real-time analysis and manipulation of data accessible from a centralized OLAP database in a personalized easy-to-use web portal. The solution is up and running in a matter of weeks and your team is using the cloud-based, multidimensional database to capture and analyze multiple budgets and forecast scenarios by month for P&L, and statistical data across all cost centers. Errors are reduced, time is saved and you can focus on what impacts your bottom line most: financial data analysis and process innovation.


“jbobj demonstrated a deep knowledge to combine their understanding of technology, accounting and business intelligence and apply it to my company. They did not attempt to apply a cookie cutter solution.”


”I met the jbobj consultants when my company was in search of a business intelligence solution. Having talked to many programmers at companies who were impressed with their own software skills, I was glad to find that the jbobj team had a great deal of business experience, could really understand the pain points of accounting and finance departments and offer real solutions.”


”jbobj was a great asset in helping me implement my BI tools. They were able to effectively communicate with myself and my staff to craft solutions to address our forecast and budgeting tool needs.”






Case Study 2



Big Smart Data


Challenge: Your organization is growing, but so is the pile of messy unused data. You don’t have the right tools to visualize and analyze it, and very few people in the organization have the skills to draw meaningful conclusions from it. The massive amounts of data have become a time-consuming liability rather than an asset.


What you want: Easily accessible well-integrated stream of information coming from all your systems, including finances, customer base, supply chain, social media, to paint a full real-time picture of your business and inspire timely and insightful decisions. Ability for your entire team to visualize and explore the data without the help of IT across multiple mobile devices.


Solution: Our Big Data consultants work closely with you to dig deep into the pile of numbers and text and understand each source and format. We collaborate to select a powerful processing engine and design an agile database architecture in order to tap into the hidden value of your data. We ensure that the tools you pick are not only innovative but can keep up as your organization and data volume continue to grow. Your team works side-by-side with us to collectively shape and train the skills needed to analyze the data. Our collaborative approach ensures that you continue to embed Big Data analytics in the fabric of your business, so that each decision made is data-driven and gives you a competitive advantage.


“jbobj is simply brilliant. I worked with them on several analysis projects and their ability to sift through tremendous amount of data and discern the underlying causes of issues is outstanding. If you are looking for answers to a complex problem, it is very likely that jbobj can help you get to the right solution.”


”jbobj is one of the few high impact organizations I’ve had the privilege to work with in my career. They put a premium on Execution and are capable of laying out best in class Strategic Roadmaps for customer’s data strategy.”




Case Study 3

Retailing in Real Time


Challenge: Inventory backlogs coupled with inefficient supply chain lead to wasted revenue potential. It is difficult to keep up with competitors as too much discounting and the customer’s ability to select the cheapest price with a touch of a button is killing the bottom line. Juggling data privacy and the ability to use that same data to customize the customer experience is a nightmare.


What you want:  You want to know your customer by name and to serve them their favorite meal exactly when they are hungry. You need a real-time view of your customers and sales drivers coming in from all channels: your stores, your online sales, your suppliers, your employees, your social media platforms. The ability to deliver a compelling customer experience while focusing on growth, improving operational efficiencies and leading product innovation is key.


Solution: With over 20 years of experience in retail analytics, our team can assist you to weed out the noise and use sales and other retail data in real time to maximize profit. We help you use analytics to efficiently “listen” to social media in order to provide a truly personalized experience to each customer without compromising the security and privacy of their data. We have carefully selected a set of analytics platforms, not just data visualization tools, which coupled with the latest powerful columnar database technology, can help you not just see your data but analyze it as it is happening, draw insights from it and act on it before the shop next-door.


“I have found the jbobj team to be full of amazing talent. They combine deep and strategic thinking in the business intelligence space with savvy tactical execution. They certainly know how customers think, and what they need, and they approach them pragmatically and appropriately to bring them success. Thinking of customers first yields the added result of bringing success to their own organization.”


”The jbobj team collaborated very effectively with project team members and our executive leadership team – the goal being to create an inventory application. Their strengths are endless, including strong interpersonal skills, attention to detail, reliability and flexibility. They are problem solvers with innovative ideas. They will go the extra mile for you.”





Services  |  What we do best

Business Intelligence Adoption Accelerator

Project Justification

Board Package Express

5-7 weeks: Deliver 5 custom reports designed in a reporting tool selected to best fit the client’s requirements using a jbobj Rapid Deployment Team™ and training approach to transfer knowledge and ensure solution adoption.

½ day workshop: Apply jbobj Analytics Adoption Framework™ to 3-4 business use cases. Deliver document with business value statement, investment estimate, technology requirements, and ROI calculation.

2-3 weeks: Assist executives with development of data-intensive slides for a board presentation. Design a set of stunning interactive dashboards embedded in a presentation that use real company data to present key metrics required for your board’s executive discovery and decision making.

Weekend Rescue Program – Spreadsheet Automation



Enterprise Performance Management

3-4 weeks: Automate 1 time- and spreadsheet-intensive process using exclusive jbobj technology and implementation methodology. Examples could include account reconciliation, cash forecasting, disclosure documentation, or spreadsheet planning.

1-2 day strategy review: Interview business users, document findings, facilitate executive team discussion of current topics in analytics, provide market update, present jbobj Analytics Adoption Framework™, develop 3-4 business use cases, deliver analytics roadmap.

8-10 weeks: Deliver a quick financial reporting foundation. Solutions that offer feature-rich interfaces, multi-hierarchy support, built-in financial reporting logic (i.e. Variance Analysis, YTD, QTD, YOY), database write-back using Microsoft Excel® as a foundation for planning.

How It's Done

Our Method


We believe that there are three key components to solve the toughest business questions and improve performance:

1. careful observation and analysis

2. accurate planning and prediction

3. clear communication through great design.


This is why we work with our clients to better observe and analyze their world, to develop sound theories based on the observations in order to predict the future, and finally, to create and communicate new products and ideas within the company and to the rest of the world.



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